Thursday, January 26, 2006

زبان تركي يكي از اصلي ترين زبانهاي منطقه است كه در حاشيه قرار گرفته

شراره انصاري در مصاحبه با روزنامه خراسان شمالي

زبان تركي يكي از اصلي ترين زبانهاي منطقه است كه در حاشيه قرار گرفته، ضرب المثلهاي زيبا و داستانهاي عاميانه با مفاهيم عميق و ارزشمند گنجينه اي بسيار ارزشمند است كه ميتواند دست مايه بسياري از كتب، فيلمهاي سينمايي، كارتونها و . . . قرار گيرد.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


The Timuri are of Turkic-Mongolian origin and are said to have descended from settled armies of Timur-i-Lenk (Tamburlaine, 1336-1405). Timur's line of descent goes back to Genghis Khan (1155-1227). The Timuri form several sub-tribes who occupy north-western Afghanistan and adjoining areas in Persia.

The best quality weaving can be assigned to about forty Timuri clans, approximately twelve of which live in north-eastern Persia as well as north-western Afghanistan. Three of the best known clans of this latter group are the Yaqoub Khani of the Zurabad area, the Boruti who inhabit Abbasabadpain in the eastern part of the Khaf valley bordering eastern Persia and western Afghanistan and the Sangtschuli in the same region.

The antique rugs of the Timuri can generally be identified by their electric-blue ground colour, their madder-red borders and beautifully brocaded skirts. It has been a common problem and still is today, to mis-identify Timuri weavings for Baluch. But this attribution is by no means precise and much research has still to be carried out on Timuri and Baluch weaving. Whether we will ever really know now, is the big question!

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The origins of the Afshar are traceable to a clan of the Turkic Oghuz or Ghuz tribes who, at the beginning of the 12th century, left the plains of Qibchaq in Turkestan and entered Persia. They now inhabit various areas of Iran (Persia) as seen by the shaded areas on the map above. The various historical dispersions of the Afshar within Persia has resulted in the preservation of their customs and traditions in some areas, whilst seeing them absorbed into different tribes in others. The Afshar of Kerman are the most important concentration of Afshar tribal peoples, having migrated to this area around 1510 and their weavings are undoubtedly the most varied of all the Persian tribes.

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خوراسان تورك ديياسپوروندان گؤرونتولر

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